Celebrating Women's Day

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Ever since we began our journey as Jobedu, we made it pretty clear that our core values revolve around the community as much as they do around our products, if not even more. Our main goal was about showcasing every bit of talent out there, bringing every sand grain of creativity to life, empowering self-expression, and giving every voice that needs to be heard a platform.

One of those voices was a particular one that began a selfless journey to help women defend themselves. Lina Khalifeh had enough of seeing women around her get beaten up and abused. She decided to use her background in martial arts and started training 2 students in the basement of her house. Years later, in 2004, she opened her own self-defense studio, SheFighter, and has ever since helped over 10,000 women all over Jordan and the Middle East.

When we heard about Lina and her achievements, we fell in love. One of the stories that caught our attention is that of Lubna, one of Lina’s Students. Lubna recently got attacked in her own building. Using self-defense techniques she had learned, she managed to catch her attacker who was sentenced 3 years in jail.

SheFighter is actually the first and only self-defense studio for women in the Middle East. Even President Obama himself highlighted Lina’s achievements in his speech on Global Entrepreneurship!

This International Women’s Day, Jobedu decided to share with you peeps what an amazing soul Lina is and how her achievements have bettered our community. For that, our tribe gives SheFighter and Lina a huge round of applause.


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