Jobedu Prior 2007: Chapter 0

, by Tamer AlMasri, 1 min reading time

Jobedu's debut at Souk JARA (a Friday market that took place throughout the summer in Amman) was scheduled on the first Friday of May 2007. Tamer and Meesh chose 6 designs and ordered a total of 600 printed t-shirts. Normally, this kind of order needs no more than 2 working days to be done. Everything else was ready, all that was left were the Ts.

The first Friday of May arrived, but the order didn’t. Tamer and Meesh had to showcase something, anything or else they’d lose their space. Not a single Jobedu product was ready. They had to take action. Meesh brought a bunch of kaffiyeh-like bandanas and they set up shop. Jobedu was able to keep their booth, but with a really bad substitute product.

A week passed by, two, three, SEVEN weeks and the printer still did not finish the order. "What happened was beyond our comprehension! We were being bumped down the production line over and over again," Tamer says. What made things worse was that the bandanas sold near to nothing; their best sales day was a total of 17 pcs.

On the 8th Friday of the market, the 29th of May to be exact, Jobedu had their actual debut. People flocked around the booth, stood there, shared a good laugh with Tamer and Meesh and went around telling their friends and families about the booth of funny t-shirts. That Friday was over, many more Fridays came afterward, and what started off as a booth of funny t-shirts now turned into 2 stores, a regional business and an online store that sells throughout the world. And the best is yet to come.

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