For the Love of Mansaf

, by Tamer AlMasri, 1 min reading time

ISM or I Survived Mansaf is one of our six debut designs that is a classic Jobedu design and an all-time favorite t-shirt. Since our beginning in 2007 we have created 3 different versions of this design that each showed our love to this irresistible Jordanian dish, starting with the minimal first design that was created using an online font generator.
As we grew more popular at the Friday market and expanded our business to a first store at Weibdeh, we realized that people’s enthusiasm for our designs and particularly for ISM deserves to be rewarded by giving this design an elaborate new look. This is when the second ISM design came out, with its mushroom cloud that is a spot on depiction of the feeling one gets after a satisfying Mansaf meal.
In 2011 and shortly after Jobedu’s partnership with Warsheh, ISM had its third redesign with a very particular theme: communism! 
We wanted to honor this theme with a special launch event:  a Mansaf eating competition that’s the first of its kind in the world! We had teams of 3 members, and the winning team had to eat as much Mansaf as possible. Not only that, we had quick interval rounds of Jameed shots, hot soda drinking and not to mention the quite unusual customized cakes.
We also had communist music playing in the background, red flyers all over the place, a communication center covering the event on social media, army helmets and most importantly a doctor on site in case any of the participants overate and fainted (thank goodness no fainting happened!); a full experience that we all enjoyed and shared with customers, friends and random passersby in Weibdeh. After this grueling battle of Mansaf, cake and hot soda altogether, our ISM day concluded as we announced the winning team who was able to devour 2 full platters of Mansaf and 2 big bowls of Jameed and therefore earned their $1000 prize.


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