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Jobedu Opens a 2nd Store.

, by Tamer AlMasri, 1 min reading time

We are Bedouins; constant evolving is one of the traits that we cherish and cultivate. Therefore, a second store was the response to our need to expand and reach a bigger audience. The twelfth of December in 2012 (12-12-12) marked a grand event in our timeline with the opening of a second awesome Jobedu store in Abdoun, a prime location that is very accessible and close to many local landmarks.

Our new store was able not only to bring our own culture to the neighborhood but also to introduce us to a whole new community and a lot of new customers. Surrounded by a dense residential area, the store received groups of family members and friends of different age groups and gender compositions, who immediately became loyal members of our tribe, thanks to the diversity of our products and the wide spectrum of themes and designs that cater to everyone.

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