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Lost In Translation!

, by Hussein Jobedu, 1 min reading time

Many of you got used to Jobedu’s funny designs with hidden puns and play on words. This time, we chose to go with something different, something new!

We came up with the idea of translating famous sayings we use as Arabs into English but, word-by-word, and we handed these translations to international designers and asked them to go wild and creative!

Anyway, here’s what we got:


1- My Situation is Almonds
A literal Arabic interpretation that means I’m doing great!




2- From the Last
A word-by-word translation from Arabic that means off the hook!




3- This Talk No Walk
In Arabic, literally, it means this won’t work!





4- Hello oh Pomegranate

Refers to a traditional Jordanian song. It’s no secret, we love our pomegranates!






5- This Color on You Makes Crazy
A famous song by the king of romance, Kazem Al Saher, and it means this color suits you really well!



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