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Lutfi Zayed is one of those people you wish you can spend a day (or six) in their head. His art is a new, obscure, surreal, eccentric lens into a world that we look at every day, but not everybody sees. Lutfi is a master of his domain, crafting outlandish worlds and characters straight from the depths of his mind. Crazy stuff. Cool stuff. Good stuff.


Lutfi Zayed’s first Jobedu printed design was the iconic Rababa Hero, a Bedouin take on the iconic Guitar Hero games. His next big hit would be the Mulukhiyeh Monster, an instant fan favorite. From that point onwards, Lutfi became a hit generating machine, churning out masterpiece after masterpiece, much to the delight of his fans.


Lutfi Zayed is a visual priest. An illustrative messiah. A Pantone shaman.


Lutfi Zayed, words will always fail to immortalize you. Your unbridled vision, unmistakable style, and unrelenting consistency are truly admirable.


Lutfi Zayed جست.




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