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, by Tala Jobedu, 1 min reading time

When we first started Jobedu, the industry was completely foreign to me. For Meesh however, he was more familiar with the whole process given that his family owned and ran one of Jordan’s first apparel factories.

For our first batch of t-shirts in 2007 we used ready off the shelf t-shirts. We simply wanted to test the market to see if there was an appetite for what we wish to offer. After the success of the first run we decided to dive into the world of private labeling.

We worked with lots of factories and made lots of mistakes. With every mistake the mysteries of this industry unravelled. After 11 years of producing in Jordan , Syria, and India we amassed tonnes of mistakes and just as many lessons learnt.

In 2017 we decided it’s time to set up our very own production facility in the heart of Amman, Jordan. As with everything Jobedu, we want to localise everything we do as much as possible. It's definitely not the easiest solution and the challenges associated with this move is nerve wracking, but we’ve always believed it's the right choice to make.

Today we’re proud to announce that Jobedu’s production facility in Amman, Jordan is fully operational and fully staffed with local talent producing our signature cuts and qualities on a daily basis.

Thank you to each and every Jobedu fan, customer, and supporter. This major milestone wouldnt have become a reality without you.

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