Mid-Summer Nights!

, by Tala Jobedu, 1 min reading time

Picture this with us: Summer time, it’s midnight, you’re in Wadi Rum laying on the warm sand, contemplating the midnight sky under a blanket of stars!

Honestly, that was our main inspiration for our new upcoming collection: Mid-Summer Nights.

Mid-Summer Nights includes 9 designs that will blow your mind: “Owl Cassette” by Mehran Iranloo, “Penguins” by Mehdi Alibeygi, “Girdayn oo 7ares” by Tamer Al Masri, “Metamorphosis” and “Sharqiyeh” by Warsheh, “Fairuz” and “Safar ra7 tarak hajar” by Mothanna Hussein, “Ninjas” and “Solo in Space” by Mohamad Esmaeilian.

Not to forget, this summer marks a very special occasion: it’s been NINE YEARS already since Jobedu saw the light of day!

In celebration, the tribe decided to take a road trip to Wadi Rum and spend a day with our ancestors, our one and only inspiration, the Bedouins!
One guitar and nine tees in our hands and an infinite sea of warm sand beneath our feet, we celebrated a nine-year-old tribe that is not planning on going slow anytime soon!


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