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Redbull Soap Box

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The Red Bull Soapbox Race was one of the biggest events this summer which attracted the attendance of 20,000 people, and hell yeah Jobedu was part of it! This article outlines Jobedu’s participation.
Team’s expectations and preparations:
Prior to the race, Shiam, the motivational soul of the team expressed Jobedu’s goal for the race: “We want to touch peoples’ lives with our car design.” (Which was yet unrevealed to the public).  
Tamer, the captain of the vehicle, pitched in on the team’s objective as being that of a noble one, which will change the course of humanity. “People are expecting a bus; we actually brought in much more than that. We’re delivering a concept, a principal…A lifestyle.” The vehicle was veiled for around 7 hours, and the team was around it the entire time under the blistering sun to make sure that this masterpiece was safely covered. Everyone was so anxious to see our design, and we believe it was definitely worth the wait!
The Race:
The majestic unveiling; when we were about to head on to the race, it was time to showcase our creation to the world (or, Abdoun) and feed the curiosity of the people. However, an unexpected incident occurred…
 Our team was too occupied preparing for the race mentally that we forgot to assemble some minor parts of the car correctly, or assembling them at all, hence, leaving us with only two seats on a chassis and the steering wheel detaching before reaching the first curve of the track. Needless to say, things did not work out as we expected.
Peoples’ opinion on Jobedu’s team: 
There was a distinguished Jobedu support group, after the race we asked them what they thought of Jobedu and why they decided to support us on this endeavor, this is what one guy from the group said: “We were just on our way to play football when we heard the Jobedu chant, then we started chatting with them and we loved their friendly and lovable atmosphere, especially Sal3awy….Sal3ous I mean.“ (At this point, the interview was cut off by one of the guys from the group screaming the famous Jobedu chant once again) “JOBEDU, OOH OOH!”
In the end, although we got a 0 from the judges on our design, the simplicity of the car was what stood out between all extravagant creations. And of course, we had to have a celebratory mansaf with the team. At the end of the day, winning isn’t the most important thing but it’s the fun you can have as a team; Jobedu achieved that in the soapbox race.

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