Why We Love: Turtle Green Tea-Bar

, by Tala Jobedu, 1 min reading time

They didn’t choose to describe their place as “The Real Tea Experience” for nothing.


Turtle Green is the very first tea bar in Jordan specialized in local tea and herbal blends.

A taste of unique tea is always guaranteed! How unique? Let’s just say Turtle Green proved to everyone who’s ever paid them a visit that tea is much more than just English tea or Earl Grey. It’s “Jabal Amman”, “Chamo-extra-mile”, “Warmly Yours”, “Desert”... and many more blends you’ll only find at Turtle Green’s tea display.


Apart from this wide variety of herbal blends, delicious food is something

With smokers upstairs and none downstairs, everyone will feel just like home with a wooden interior that fills the air with a cozy warm atmosphere!


This is why we love TGTB, we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same!



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