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Women Who Kick Ass: Arifa Bseiso

, by Tala Jobedu, 1 min reading time

Some people say you can’t have beauty and brains. But most women nowadays proved this wrong. But how about those who say you can’t have beauty, brains, and power?

She entered the ring, kicked ass and proved all these stereotypes wrong! The 32-year-old Jordanian boxer broke all barriers and proved everyone who said she couldn’t wrong! At the age of 24, Arifa was just like most of us out there, graduated college - with a degree in radio tv film and journalism - and was looking for a new sport for a healthier lifestyle. By coincidence, she attended a fitness class and fell in love with the boxing class.

Arifa won her first fight only after 5 months of training!

Today, Arifa became an official brand ambassador for Nike and starred in their recent campaign that went viral “What Will They Say About You?”


This International Women’s Day, the tribe chose to celebrate Arifa and thank her for answering all those who asked what would they say about you, they would say I’m a woman who can throw a punch!


You can learn more about martial arts with Arifa by subscribing to her Youtube Channel.


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